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Prices & Plans

*We accept reservations 3 months in advance. We also accept reservations even after the baby is born! *There is no fee increase even on Sundays and holidays.

***Easy Simple Plan (a plan that completely leaves the work to us)¥25,000

*2 pose shooting at the discretion of the photographer (This is a simple course that is completely left up to you, effortlessly)(15+ photos of 2 different poses). *If you would like to add one more pose (or request, etc.), a flat fee of +10,000 yen will be charged. *Twins cannot be photographed under this plan (available for +10,000 yen under the Standard Plan). *15 high quality photos delivered. *Downloading of photo data (unlimited downloading for 30 days) *No charge increases even on Sundays and holidays. *We will travel to the customer's home for the photo shoot. *Transportation service is free of charge from the southern part of the main island to Ginoza Village (2,000 yen flat rate north of Nago City). *The shooting (stay) time will be about 2 hours.

****Standard Plan (**Popular Plan**)¥48,000¥38,000 (Campaign price until end of May 2024)

*3 pose photo shoot (2 requested poses + 1 pose at the photographer's discretion)(50+ photos of 3 different poses)   + 1 two-shot photo of baby and mommy included!   (You can choose the color of your choice for the color of the baby wrap.) (You can choose the color of the baby wrap you want) *If you would like to add one more pose (or request), we will charge you a flat fee of +10,000 yen. *We will also accept twins for a fee of +10,000 yen. *Special Offer 1: Panel (S size) can be purchased at a special price of 2,000 yen (up to 1 panel). *Special Offer 2: Includes a coupon for 2,000 yen off a panel M size or larger and an album product! (Valid until the day of shooting) *50 high quality photos delivered. *Free DVD-R delivery + photo data download (unlimited download for 30 days) *The shooting (stay) time will be about 2 to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

*****Deluxe Plan (Special Plan)¥69,800

*5 poses photo shoot (3 requested poses + 2 poses at the photographer's discretion)(80+ photos of 5 different poses)   + 1 family photo or 1 two-shot photo with the baby!  (Includes a photo of the baby and family, or a two-shot photo of the baby and mom!      (A photo of the baby and your family, or a two-shot photo of the baby and the mother!)  (You can choose the color of your choice for the color of the baby wrap.) (You can choose the color of the baby wrap you want.) *We can also take pictures of twins for an additional 10,000 yen. *Special Offer 1: Comes with 1 oversized panel (large/A3 size appropriate)! *Special Offer 2: 5,000 yen off an album product (valid until the day of the shoot)! *80 high quality photos will be delivered. *Free DVD-R delivery + data download (unlimited downloading) *The shooting (stay) time will be about 3 hours.


Newborn photo(What's your favorite pose number?) << click!!

About the Appeal of Newborn Photography

We take pictures of your baby's newborn appearance, which can only be seen during the newborn period. We photograph your baby sleeping in a safe and secure pose as if he/she were in the womb, where he/she is most comfortable, when his/her body is still tender up to 1 to 4 weeks after birth. Why don't you preserve the very cute, mysterious, and artistic photos of your newborn baby?

Guideline for the timing of the photo shoot (how to schedule an appointment)

We recommend that you schedule your photo shoot approximately 10 days after the date of your baby's birth. We also suggest that newborn photos be taken until the baby is 1 to 4 weeks old, but in reality, photos can be taken until the baby is about 4 weeks old.

*Our newborn photos are taken by two photographers and female staff members who have received specialized photography training and training to ensure safety and security.

*We accept reservations 3 months in advance. We also accept reservations even after the baby is born!

*In addition, in order to minimize the burden on the mother and child, we will travel to your home to take pictures, meaning that your home will become a simple studio. In other words, we will use your home as a simple studio (with background paper and lighting).

*We will travel within the main island of Okinawa with a transportation fee. (Free of charge from the northern to southern parts of the main island!)

The time slots that we will be available for photographing are *Morning (from 10:00 a.m.) *Afternoon (from 1:00 p.m.)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Customer Testimonials

From Mrs. Christopher Reynolds Phenomenal photographer and very good with newborns. Our baby was born 3 1/2 weeks early and Kuwamura photography was able to move our appointment earlier to accommodate a newborn photo shoot. They came our home, which was amazing since it’s a little harder to move with a newborn and they brought everything needed for the photo shoot. When our son was getting a little fussy in the middle of the session, they reacted quickly and was able to calm him for the rest of photo shoot. Kuwamura-San also brought a electronic translator, so language barriers were not an issue. Would highly recommend Kuwamura photography for anyone looking to have newborn pictures taken. (★★★★★) From Mrs. Andie Byun This review is long overdue!! We worked with them for my daughter’s newborn photos as well as her 100th day photos. Hiroshi San and Hitomi San are so amazing to work with; professional, prompt, and passionate about what they do. We enjoyed working with them so much and we have such beautiful photos of my daughter!! For the newborn photos, they brought everything and set up in our apartment so that was very convenient for us. Also for the 100th day photos, they came to our location and captured numerous photos. We cannot thank them enough for the beautiful pictures to remember these special times in our lives. Arigatou gozaimasu Hiroshi San and Hitomi San!! (★★★★★)


Photographer KUWAMURA Hiroshi (Vevi photo)

[Newborn Photography Specialty Learning Background]

*Learned specialized knowledge on safety and how to properly wrap a newborn baby from Hide, a pioneering newborn photographer in Japan. (I have completed the Basic Course and the Training Course).

*Graduated from an advanced course at a college specializing in newborn photography.

*In addition, he learned and graduated from the highest level course [Master Course] of the College of Newborn Photography.

*Member of Japan Newborn Photo Safety Association.

Contact us

You can also make an appointment or contact us by email (veviphoto@icloud.com).

*Your name : *Expected date of birth (or date of delivery) : *Gender of the baby (expected) : *Your address : *phone number : *shooting desired date : *message (Desired plan, desired poses, desired shooting time, etc.)

Please fill out the above and send to veviphoto@icloud.com

Or DM me on instagram @vevi photo. (Please copy and paste the above content)